Next edition: 11 until 18 November 2017


From 12 until 19 November 2016, Eindhoven was all about Light Festival GLOW. Around 40 light artists created light installations, sculptures, projections and performances. Together they offered the GLOW visitor a surprisingly new perspective on the city. The light artworks where connected by a walking route

GLOW NEXT, where new projects are based on experiments which where shown for the very first time. Eindhoven is a pioneering city and a breeding ground for creative, artistic and technical talents who show their skills at GLOW NEXT. GLOW can be visited free of charge and attracted more than 740.000 people visitors this year.

Trailers 2016

City route GLOW 2016
Science route GLOW 2016

Opening hours

Start Saturday 11 November at 18.30 - 24:00 hrs
Sunday - Thursday 18:30 - 23:00 hrs
Friday and Saturday 18:30 - 24:00 hrs


TIP: Watch the virtual reality movie of 10 years of GLOW. To get the best effect, use your VR-glasses and mobile phone.


Watch GLOW Eindhoven timelaspe 2016