For the 11th time, from November 12 until November 19, the city of Eindhoven will be all about Light Art. This year's GLOW edition focuses on magnificent light projects evolving around the theme City & Science. All projects will be exhibited along one GLOW route consisting of a loop of 3.5 kilometres across the University of Technology area and one loop of 3.8 kilometres across the city centre of Eindhoven.


GLOW highlights the strong connection between the city of Eindhoven and Light. In 1870, the match industry got to a considerable growth in the city  and in1891, Philips established a light bulb factory here. Nowadays more than ever, Eindhoven has become a pioneer city and natural breeding ground for talents in the field of creativity and technology. Because of the many specialised educational institutions and companies, the city has an enormous potential of know-how which is clearly visible in the continuous development of high-quality technology and controversial design. And GLOW is the stage where this development is shown.


 It is at GLOWNext where ‘experiment’ forms the core. It is all about brand new projects that are exhibited for the first time. In Eindhoven, engineers, designers, scientists and artists work together to create innovative light concepts and -techniques as well as new insights. For the first time these projects are exhibited at the University of Technology campus, this year.

GLOW route

This year, the GLOW Route consists of two overlapping loops. The so-called City route and the Science route. This City & Science route consists of an orange loop of 3.2 kilometres across the University of Technology Eindhoven area. Here, you will find most of the GLOWNext projects. The blue loop of 4.2 kilometres runs through the city centre of Eindhoven. Every loop takes approximately two hours.


In this brochure you'll find additional information about the event, its history and our future plans. Furthermore, you can read all about the projects and maps. 


Last year, we were very proud to introduce the GLOW app. The 2016 version will be available soon at the App Store and Play Store. The App has everything you need to experience GLOW 2016 at its best. Tip: download our GLOW audiotour (Dutch and English versions). So, download the free GLOW App and follow the route by using GPS and receiving all the information on the GLOW projects. You can use the free Wi-Fi network in Eindhoven centre to download the App.

Food courts/ STARTing points

This year, you’ll find five food courts along the GLOW Route. Inspiring and surprising bars & restaurants which fit the GLOW vibe, each with its own, unique atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy delicious dinners, drinks and snacks, or simply rest your legs and warm up. These food courts form the starting points of the GLOW route.

EINDHOVEN BRANDSTORE/tourist information

will be transformed into an amazing GLOW hotspot. GLOW Special tickets, GLOW brochures, Information and more, all available @ Eindhoven Brandstore.