F. Hack GLOW #2

Making Light Art by using your technical skills. Hack GLOW unites talented, young programmers (8-15 years old) with professional programmers, technicians and creative spirits. During the first GLOW weekend of November 12th to 13th, they will lock themselves up twice at Dynamo for 8 hours at a stretch, in order to create their own light objects. They will do so, supported by volunteers and coaches.

The hackathon is going to be organised for the second time uniting techies from all over the region. Motivation and talent is most important and the city of Eindhoven will support this group by offering material, knowledge and manpower. Youngsters can participate for free. The two days of hard work will lead to their own junior GLOW show in front of the Dynamo building on Sunday night. The kick-off takes place at Dynamo on November 2nd. More information and registration via

Studio Fleur Besters + Dynamo Jeugdwerk + Fontys FED
Hack GLOW is an initiative of Studio Fleur Besters in collaboration with Dynamo Youth Work and the innovation team FED of Fontys Hogescholen. All materials are donated by sponsors.