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Hier volgt het scherm om je te abonneren op updates van evenement organisaties...

Forum of light & architecture
8 to 15 november 2014

From November, 8th to 15th 2014, the city center of Eindhoven turns again into a forum of interventions, installations, performances and events based on the phenomena of artificial light.
Currently we are working on a new theme, route and projects for 2014. Keep an eye on this website for more information.



GLOW Eindhoven develops international cooperation

To strengthen the innovative quality of the GLOW light festival Eindhoven has taken the initiative to set up the International Light Festival Organisation. This is a collective of 14 light festivals in the world to exchange experiences and cooperate in developing and attracting new light objects.

International Light Festival Organisation
From home and abroad, there is a growing interest in light art. At the same time the demand for knowledge and expertise in that area increases. During GLOW 2012 and 2013, several international light festival visited Eindhoven to discuss the possibilities of a collaboration. Since early 2014, the International Light Festival Organisation is a fact. GLOW Eindhoven is the initiator and provides the secretariat.

Innovation, development and acquisition
Light Projects are expensive. Collaboration makes it possible to share the development costs with multiple festivals. In this way innovative projects can be realized earlier. The first results of the International Light Festival Organisation have already become visible. A good example is the Cloud project that travelled from the Signal Festival in Prague (October 2013) to GLOW Eindhoven (November 2013) and has been visible at the I Light Marina Bay light festival in Singapore last month (March 2014). Also, the project of the Dutch artists Collective Afterlight, that was permanently visible in the Molenstraat in Eindhoven since GLOW 2011, has travelled to Ghent, Jerusalem and Cascais (Portugal) already.

Participating festivals
  1. Durham – Lumiere
  2. Gent – Lichtfestival Gent
  3. Eindhoven – GLOW Eindhoven
  4. Helsinki – Lux Helsinki
  5. Jerusalem – Light in Jerusalem
  6. Koblenz – Lichtströme
  7. Ljubljana – Lighting Guerilla
  8. Lüdenscheid – Lichtrouten
  9. Lyon – Fete des Lumieres
  10. Portugal – Lumina
  11. Singapore – I Light Marina bay
  12. Torún – Bella Skyway lightfestival
  13. Prague – Signal festival
  14. Hamburg – Lux

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