27 June 2019

GLOW Eindhoven 2019, the route

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13 September 2018

New talent gets every opportunity at GLOW Eindhoven 2018

The project that wins the Foederer Talent Award will be visible in all its glory on The Student Hotel during GLOW Eindhoven 2018.

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26 June 2018

GLOW launches the route of 2018

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9 June 2018

Collaboration with Nanjing

Today GLOW Eindhoven has signed a declaration of intent in Nanjing, China, with Qinhuai Lantern Festival. The collaboration will be visible for the general public this year at GLOW 2018. It will be an exceptional combination of new light technologies and traditional Chinese light art.

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20 November 2017

Hustle and bustle of versatility at GLOW Eindhoven

The twelfth edition of the international light art festival GLOW Eindhoven enjoyed more than 740,000 visitors this year. From the opening night the city streets quickly filled with GLOW visitors at a record pace. This year in particular there was a mix of international and Eindhoven light artists, with a focus on light art and talent development, resulting in a versatile light art festival.

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14 November 2017

Interactive, luminous signing at GLOW Eindhoven

This year, GLOW Eindhoven has started a ‘clear signing’ - pilot along the GLOW route. This newly developed signposting and indication of light artworks is to be found close to the GLOW Next site.

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26 October 2017

Opening Show GLOW Eindhoven

The countdown for GLOW Eindhoven 2017 has started!  On Saturday 11 November at 18.30h, GLOW Eindhoven will be officially opened by mayor John Jorritsma at the Philips Stadium. 

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3 October 2017

Light show in Philips Stadium during GLOW Eindhoven

In addition to the walking route, which is open to all at no charge, a prestigious light show is also scheduled in the Philips Stadium. This is where stage designers TWOFIFTYK will collaborate with other local disciplines to present the story of Eindhoven's evolution as the city of light; from the tiny flame of the first match to the brightness of the light bulb and today's light crescendo of GLOW. 

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27 June 2017

Winner of Foederer Talent Award - Jonas Vorwerk

Thanks to Philips Lighting and Foederer Talent Fund Foundation, visual artist Jonas Vorwerk receives 25,000 euros and wins the Foederer Talent Award. With this amount, he can create a light artwork on the main route of GLOW this year. Congratulations!

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26 June 2017

GLOW Eindhoven - Route 2017

The GLOW route is approximately 6 km and runs through the city centre. The route starts at Brandstore Eindhoven/ Tourist Information Office at Stationsplein. Last year, over 740,000 people visited GLOW Eindhoven.

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23 November 2016

GLOW Eindhoven timelapse 2016 …for a little afterglow

Check out the GLOW Eindhoven 2016 timelapse here. This aftermovie consists of 7,000 images, which are played rapidly. Credits go to Niels Groenendijk & Bart Visser. 

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22 November 2016

GLOW Eindhoven looks back on a successful and crowded light festival

Many people visited the eleventh edition of the international light festival GLOW Eindhoven in the city centre as well as at the University of Technology campus. Thanks to the dry weather during the last weekend, the festival again drew a record number of 740,000 visitors.

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10 November 2016

GLOW reveals permanent light art projects

During this eleventh GLOW edition, three new light artworks will be revealed which will permanently stay in Eindhoven. By doing so, Eindhoven wishes to inspire its visitors on an ongoing basis.

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31 October 2016

Pick a route

Every route takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours. It might be practical to make a choice beforehand which route you are going to take, the City Route or the Science Route.

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31 October 2016

New: GLOW Food Courts

This year, you’ll find five food courts along the GLOW Route instead of one GLOWCafé.  Inspiring and surprising bars & restaurants which fit the GLOW vibe and serve as starting points of the GLOW Route. Last year, we already had a successful try-out at Stadhuisplein with Pop-Up Restaurant LUCE.

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