GLOW Eindhoven looks back on a successful and crowded light festival
22 November 2016

GLOW Eindhoven looks back on a successful and crowded light festival

This edition, the visitors are not only Dutch, the festival also attracted guests from Germany, Belgium and several other European countries. GLOW Eindhoven tok place from 12 until 19 November.

Thanks to a good spread across the seven kilometres’ route and the wider paths, it was still crowded but it didn’t feel crowded. At most locations, the smooth flow of people brought more ease and a sense of safety to the visitors. The deployment of extra camera surveillance on route and an additional eighty-five supervisors at the event, worked out well. This year, GLOW Marketing set out on a slightly broader focus on Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. And successfully: the German RTL, Belgium and Luxembourg journalists all reported about GLOW. German visitors were enthusiastic and audible present at the light festival.  

GLOW went all out with extraordinary light artworks in the theme City & Science. A theme which reflected on the route across the city centre and the University of Technology campus. Public favourites in the city centre were the photogenic ‘Step into the Light’, with light sources which forever seem to go on into the sky, and the relaxing and beautifully lit ‘Magical Garden’, originally a simple parking lot. Furthermore, the enormous works of art with videomapping such as ‘Axioma’ at City Hall and the work of art of Jeroen Bosch at Catharina Church also remain favourite to the public. You could often hear a round of applause at these locations. The smaller project ‘Flux Apparition’, a combination of light, music, projection and dance, drew such a large audience that we can conclude that it will need a bigger stage next year. The city route attracted a little bit more people that the route across the campus.

GLOW Science
Along the route across the University of Technology site you could see unique, innovative artworks, combinations of science and light. A completely different atmosphere to the hectic city centre; darker and more quiet, which resulted into a more intense experience of the light installations. The Tesla Coil ‘The origin of Life’ with lightning bolt and music, was the first artwork you ran into at the campus and spectators stood rows deep to enjoy the ‘show’. A special and above all technically smart project was ‘Exploding Wire’; a lightning bolt created by man with a eighty metres’ length which broke an official world record at GLOW. The artwork ‘LumenUs’, with interactive illuminating light tubes, has been photographed by many GLOW visitors. As well as the cube ‘Photonic’, a 3D version of the artwork which was exhibited at the Van Abbemuseum. Ronald Ramakers, director of GLOW: “We have succeeded in uniting city and science. By combining science with light, it became more attractive to a wider audience. It opens up new perspectives for the GLOW 2017 set-up”.

The following edition of GLOW Eindhoven is planned from 11 until 18 November 2017.