Hustle and bustle of versatility at GLOW Eindhoven
20 November 2017

Hustle and bustle of versatility at GLOW Eindhoven

The public are no longer just people from around the region, but also from Germany and Belgium. Many of them first-time visitors to the festival, they were amazed and very excited about the free event. GLOW Eindhoven took place from 11 to 18 November.

The steady stream of people along the approximately 6 km route through Eindhoven’s inner city, past more than 33 light art projects, flowed smoothly. The first Saturday evening was experienced as extremely busy. The organisers counted a record number of 100,000+ visitors on this opening night. The festival theme this year was the Source, which more than ever was incorporated in the light art works. The light artists were given this theme as a commission, resulting in surprising variations, but this also linked the art works to each other. There was unique cohesion between all the different sources of light. The incandescent light bulb and Philips were a source of inspiration, as could be seen in the project Blob the Bulb and the light show ‘Once upon a Light’. In other projects, fire, water and solar energy were sources of light.

Local and international light artists

There was a mix of large, international light art works this year, such as ‘Story of Light’ by the Finnish Kari Kola on Villa de Laak and Windows by German Daniel Margraf on the Catharina church, and projects with international flair but Dutch in origin. An example of this was the public favourite Blob the Bulb by Dirk van Poppel and Jan Fabel. But also the fire project Sonos Ignitia, on show for the first time and attracting a big crowd and the press, which was made by three designers with studios in the TAC (Temporary Art Center). The German Forum InterArt enchanted a magic little street behind the Blob, called #GLOWING, where visitors walked from darkness towards the sun. Design Academy graduate Gijs van Bon presented the beautiful project _ROOT, a blend of nature and technology portrayed on a tree.

During the light festival, GLOW Eindhoven organised an international conference from 11 to 13 November, where about 20 international light art festivals were represented and they debated the future of light festivals; trends, performance and the potential of light festivals up to the year 2027.

Talent development

What makes GLOW so distinctive and different is its ability to facilitate the creation of light art each year with talent development as a connecting factor. Presenting a varied festival with a number of light art works employing all sorts of cutting edge technology. The knowledge present in Eindhoven within companies like ASML and Philips, but also at Fontys ICT and TU/e, is converted into inspirational and smart projects, in this edition of GLOW resulting in the interactive Moving Lights and Trees of Life. The winner of the Foederer Talent Award had a prominent position on the route with the project Lichthouders. GLOW makes space for these innovative and unique home-grown projects with the objective of placing them around the world. This is how GLOW demonstrates what we are good at in Eindhoven and that 'Eindhoven makes a difference in light art’, which is also the GLOW Eindhoven mission.

Light show

The light show performance ‘Once upon a Light’ in the Philips Stadium sold out a total of 9 times. There were two shows each evening. There was space for 4,400 spectators at each show. The light show in the Philips Stadium was created by the Eindhoven stage/ show designers, with a music production from LastBlast and ShowTek. The light show related the story of Eindhoven, from the incandescent lamp to now, depicted on a 60-metre wide stage with urban dancers, music, light effects and 3D projections.

The next edition of GLOW Eindhoven will be held from 10 until 17 November 2018.

Photo credits Bart van Overbeeke.