Interactive, luminous signing at GLOW Eindhoven
14 November 2017

Interactive, luminous signing at GLOW Eindhoven

The signposting involves luminous navigation arrows and information billboards connected to the light artworks. It has been a long wish of the GLOW organisation to improve the signposting along the GLOW route. After research GLOW managed to develop signing resistant against vandalism and all sorts of weather conditions, readable in the dark and high above the crowd at the same time. It’s just as important to have the GLOW signposting reflect the GLOW values. This includes that it should be an innovative light artwork based on smart technology. It should be an eye-catcher fitting the light art event yet not completing with the light artwork itself. Furthermore, it shows that the city of Eindhoven stands out from other light art festivals in the field of technology and knowledge. The main goal for the upcoming years is to implement the signing along the entire GLOW Route.

Technology & Design

At the NRE site, two artwork indicators are situated near the side projects SWITCH and near ‘Lichthouders’. Right next to this area, an information-board is to be found at the project _ROOT. At the site itself, eight luminous navigation arrows have been put up. The signing is made of metal frames holding laser-engraved plastic plates. LED illumination has been put around the plates and the engraving breaks the light is such a way that inscriptions and images are made visible. As the light objects are connected to internet, the colours and dynamic animations of these signboards can be adjusted to the work of art itself as well as its surroundings, in consultation with the light artist. By means of sensors, the plates can also react to surrounding movements. This offers the opportunity to smartly use the signposting by changing colour and animation as people walk by or in case it may become too crowded. The sensor-technique is hidden inside the frame itself.

The creators

This pilot is created by an Eindhoven team formed by Interactive Matter (interactive technology) and B-E-N-D-E (building experiences). Last year, they had already started the cooperation in order to develop this concept. This year, however, also the costs for a first pilot were eventually covered. The upcoming year, GLOW Eindhoven wishes to enrol the newly developed, luminous signing along the entire GLOW Route.