Light show in Philips Stadium during GLOW Eindhoven
3 October 2017

Light show in Philips Stadium during GLOW Eindhoven

The light show, aptly named ‘Once upon a Light’, is a kaleidoscope of light projections, music, dance and special effects that lasts for more than half an hour. The shows also mark the start of a three-year partnership between GLOW Eindhoven and PSV.

Once upon a Light

GLOW Eindhoven 2017 celebrates ‘The Source’ of light as its theme. This is because Eindhoven has been a source of light for the whole world ever since the match factory was founded here in 1870, followed by Philips’ light bulb factory in 1891. So it is hardly surprising that Eindhoven is also called the City of Light. The 'Once upon a Light’ show, created by TWOFIFTYK in collaboration with 4AV, Dynamo, Eyesupply, LastBlast and The Art of Light, tells the story of how light was born and developed in the city of Eindhoven. All the collaborating disciplines are based in Eindhoven and have first-hand knowledge of what light means for Eindhoven. And what better way to communicate that experience than with light itself? TWOFIFTYK designs concepts, stages and shows for major dance events such as The Flying Dutch , Electric Zoo New York and well-known artists including Armin van Buuren. TWOFIFTYK has already been involved in GLOW Eindhoven for several years. During last year’s edition of GLOW, they attracted large crowds to Smalle Haven with Flux Apparition, a project which presented urban dancers in a 3D light projection.

Philips Stadium / PSV
The Philips Stadium is a magnificent venue and backdrop for a story about Eindhoven's past. “Our location in the centre of Eindhoven inextricably links us to the city’s roots and its activities. So we are extremely proud to announce that we will open our stadium to visitors to GLOW during the coming three years and surprise and delight them with a spectacular light show”, says Toon Gerbrands, Managing Director of PSV.

As in previous years, the GLOW walking route is free of charge. Tickets are available for those who want to experience the light show in the Philips Stadium. There are two performances per evening, one at 7:30pm, followed by a final performance at 9pm. GLOW was extremely popular last year and attracted 740,000 visitors. To control the flow of visitors effectively and assure visitors a place in the stadium, tickets can be purchased online beforehand via the GLOW website. The tickets cost EUR 5 each. Tickets can also be purchased for EUR 4 during an early bird promotion ending on 16 October. Children up to the age of 12 are admitted free of charge and young people and students can buy tickets at a discount. Note that tickets purchased at the ticket office cost EUR 7.50.

This year, the mobile website includes a GPS tracker so that you can follow the route on your smartphone (from November on).