Pick a route
31 October 2016

Pick a route

The works of art are connected by a walking route and consists of two loops this year. The City route, which has the colour blue and runs through the city centre. Here, you encounter the light artworks with gigantic 3D video mapping on buildings, the children's light artwork and the interactive swings. Along the Science route (orange), which runs across the University of Technology site, you can discover unique and innovative projects that are exhibited for the very first time. On both routes, you'll encounter food courts with surprising and inspiring concepts which fit the GLOW vibe.

Extraordinary light artworks

At Eindhoven City Hall along the City route, a 3D film will be projected which will make the building to appear to be moving and coming towards you. The work of art ‘Axioma’ is created by Onionlab, by now one of the public’s favourites.  In commemoration of Jheronimus Bosch who died  500 years ago, Catharina Church will be transformed into the marvellous triptych “The Last Judgement”. The Dela building will be embraced and held by 12 metre high, illuminated humanoid figures which seem to have landed from another planet: ‘Fantastic Planet’.

Along the Science Route at the University of Technology site, you will encounter ‘Exploding Wire’, a project which will attempt to break the world record of 'the longest containable lightning bolt ever'. The enormous LumenUs will react to impulses coming from the GLOW audience and is created by Eindhoven students. Unique in this GLOW-year is the special collaboration between the University of Technology of Eindhoven and the Van Abbemuseum, both celebrating their separate anniversaries. To commemorate this, both world-famous institutes decided to connect technology to art in a very special manner. A hologram will hover above the surface of the university pond which is a projected recreation of the Hungarian László Moholy-Nagy’s artwork, called ‘Licht-Raum-Modulator’. This work of art is actually exhibited at the Van Abbemuseum.