While you read this, light waves move between this surfaces into your eye. Yet where does the light come from ultimately? Where does the light go which is not reflected? Could we store light? Could we feel it? Light is ubiquitous. It defines our daily rhythm and it allows us to see the world around us. But light is also intangible, invisible and sometimes inconceivable. This is what fascinates us. Especially in the Eindhoven region, where we supply a large part of the world with light. We like to share this fascination and this is why at GLOW NEXT, we take you into thefascinating world of light. Together with engineers, artists, designers, researchers and also filmmakers and actors, we try to make the world of light tangible. From intelligent glass to polarized light waves: Almost every project in GLOW NEXT is a world premiere: They are the results of experimental collaborations between creative talent and the hi-tech industry, initiated by GLOW NEXT. We hope to show you that light is more than a lamp. We hope to touch and to captivate you.

The last couple of years, GLOWNext was exhibited at Strijp-S. This year, GLOWNext will be integrated into the GLOW route.