12. Cocons

For the sixth year in a row, ‘Cultuurstation’ is going to organise a side project for primary school pupils. After the ‘Lampenkappen’ (2011), the ‘Bloemenzee’ (2012), the ‘Fladderaars’ (2013) , ‘Squares’ (2014) and ‘Kroonlichters’ in 2015, this year’s group 5 and group 7 pupils of forty Eindhoven primary schools, have created ‘Cocoons’.

Using different materials and techniques, the pupils of each class worked on a piece of  chicken wire to be eventually transformed into a giant two metre high cocoon. As soon as the more than 110 cocoons are placed together, a light artwork of the Eindhoven primary schools will appear. We are already looking forward to the, undoubtedly, spectacular result.

To support the teachers, ‘Cultuurstation’ developed a letter of instruction as well as a free workshop in which the teachers are provided with ideas, artistic tips, instructions on the use of materials and technical options.

The last couple of years, GLOW for KIDS has turned out to be a success formula. This project not only  contributes to the creative development of children, it also offers them an extraordinary experience: discovering their own artwork amidst all the other GLOW projects in the company of parents, teachers or other children.

Photographer Claus Langer 

2,500 students - primary schools Eindhoven + Cultuurstation
Participation 2016: 40 primary schools with a total of 110 classes of 2,500 students. Forty-five teachers participated in the inspiring workshop.

2,500 students - primary schools Eindhoven + Cultuurstation