9. Step into the light 2.0

"Do you know what you do when you can’t go on anymore? You change" Alberto Moravia

Moravia wrote his book il Disprezzo and Jean-Luc Godard filmed his legendary film les Mépris. Just like a moment of big life change feels monumental and magical, the film music of Le Mépris is also exactly that: monumental… and magical. It hasn’t been so long ago that it became common to use light as an emotional means of communication. Through the bundling of light into strong infinite long rays and the ability to manipulate this bundle, we thought of light in a complete different way. Light can transform space and create fictional new spaces. The spaciousness is almost emotional when you are in the Town Hall Square, it’s characterized and bounded by the architecture of the surrounding buildings. Step into the light 2.0 is an evolution of a work that Michel Suk brought to GLOW in 2016. In this earlier work, the architectural areas of architecture are used in the square and are dramatically visualized through light. Step into the light feels further away to the viewer. This creates an element of surprise and grandeur. As magically monumental as the film music of le Mépris sounds, the light beams at Stadhuisplein feel also… magically monumental.

Central to the work of Suk is that the viewer feels small in relation to the work. This year, a superstatic step was made by merely the size of the installation and the number of lamps used. The contrast between the surroundings and the tight light beams of white light characterize Suk's style. Also; the rhythm in the fitting of the fixtures is in perfect symmetry.

This work of art is partly sponsored by Philip Lighting.

Michel Suk
As a lighting technician and designer, Suk has been working in the field of light-art since 1980.

Michel Suk

As a lighting technician and designer, Suk has been working  in the field of light-art since 1980. His commitment to GLOW is admirably great. Sometimes in the background, but quite often visible with his own projects such as “Out of the blue” (2007) “Rejoice in the Lamb” (2010), “Schoonheid van stagnatie” (2011), “Transformatie” (2012), “State machine” (2014), “Opening stadhuis” (2015) and now, in 2016 with “Step into the light”.

By using conventional techniques, Suk tries to create installations that surprise us. A new perspective forms the core of his work, either by replacing spectators or using light sources in unusual shapes. The use of space often leads to larger installations  which enhances and enlarges the relation between the object and spectator. The installations are always empowered by a supporting audio source.

photo: Bart van Overbeeke Fotografie