10 T0 17 NOVEMBER 2018 

GLOW Eindhoven

Light art festival GLOW is an enormous exhibition in the public space of Eindhoven of 30 famous national and international light artists. The light artworks are connected by a walking route of approximately 5 kilometres which runs through the city centre. The event has grown from 45,000 visitors during its first edition in 2006, to a record number of over 740,000 visitors in 2017. This year, GLOW will be held for the thirteenth time and takes place from 10 to 17 November 2018.

The GLOW route is accessible for free.

This year's theme is called Shadows & Light: "Every picture has its shadows. And it has some source of light. Blindness, blindness and sight" (Joni Mitchell).



GLOW Guided tours

You can visit GLOW for free. Enjoy a guided GLOW walk for more GLOW experience. You’ll get a unique perspective on the artwork and its artist.

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Light art festival GLOW will end with GLOW Run Eindhoven on the final night. Saturday night, November 17th, approximately 3.500 contenders will cover the 5 kilometre route. The setting? GLOW’s unique collection of light art. Not only the entourage is spectacular, but the participants themselves are challenged to become part of the art on the route.

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