Every year in November, Eindhoven will be all about Light Art Festival GLOW. In 2020, we celebrate our 15th anniversary edition. The festival is accessible for free.

GLOW is a light art exhibition in the public space of Eindhoven of 35 famous national and international light artists. The light artworks are connected by a walking route. Besides the light artworks and numerous side events created by international light artists, there are also innovative, unique works of art that are created by (young) Eindhoven talent.

Theme 2020: Urban Skin

The theme of the anniversary edition of GLOW is ‘Urban Skin’. From 7 until 14 November GLOW Eindhoven will be all about every facet of urban skin: from architecture to nature, from centre to urban district, from resident to visitor. Together they give the city its unique appearance and warmth. The theme will be presented to the light artists to incorporate this in their work of art, giving it their own and free interpretation. GLOW Eindhoven is organised by the GLOW Eindhoven foundation

What is GLOW

What is GLOW

GLOW & Eindhoven

With GLOW, the strong connection that Eindhoven has with light is accentuated. The match industry established itself in 1870 and Philips opened an incandescent bulb factory in 1891. This is how the city formed a source of light for the whole world. It is not without reason that Eindhoven is known as the City of Light. 

GLOW makes the Eindhoven DNA tangible. Eindhoven is traditionally a city of light and now more than ever this is the city of Technology, Design and Knowledge, and most especially a combination of them. We show this in a magical and accessible way using light.

Made in Eindhoven

At GLOW the emphasis is on creating new light art, with talent development as a connecting factor; this is what GLOW strives for. In addition to the major international light artists GLOW makes increasingly more space for innovative and unique local projects: "Made in Eindhoven".

We connect new talent with established artists and work together with high-tech organisations from the smartest region in the world: Eindhoven. Starting this year, these homemade light artworks are created in so-called ‘Lightlabs’.

The results are almost always world firsts: new technology and new projects. GLOW offers these talents a stage, for the purpose of displaying their art worldwide. This is how GLOW whishes to spread its mission: Eindhoven makes a difference in light art. 


The event has grown from 45,000 visitors in 2006, to a record number of more than 750,000 visitors during the 2018 edition. Positioning GLOW Eindhoven among the top five of best visited light festivals in the world. Each year, the festival revolves around a theme.



Stichting GLOW
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Het team

Ronald Ramakers
Director of GLOW
Tom Weerts
Suzanne Maas
Sponsoring & Hospitality
Claudia Hermans
Marketing & Communication
Marianne Kiemeney
GLOW International