Where creativity meets in light, the light art festival GLOW and the city of Eindhoven.

GLOW wants to innovate, make its mark on the map and lead in light art and light technology development. It forms the basis of GLOW.

This is why we started sessions in which companies, artists, engineers, designers, institutions and residents collaborate on innovative light artworks based on a particular theme, so called GLOWlabs. 

This leads to unique works of art, each and every one created in Eindhoven. De city makes GLOW!

list of GLOWLabs 2019

Every GLOWlab has its own 'light team'. A specific creative challenge is determined by the group. Each challenge is linked to a tangible issue, need or wish from society and/or GLOW. The light teams want to find the best realistic answer. An answer in the form of a temporary or (semi)permanent art light work or light project. 

There are three types of GLOWlabs:

GLOWlabs to experience
part of the light art festival GLOW
GLOWlabs to stay
permanent light art works
GLOWlabs to share
research and education

GLOWlab Connects

GLOWlab Connects

For the majority of GLOWlabs we employ the design print principles. We start with a question and explore a theme with stake holders (Probing). An initial team is then selected based on this matter and it is checked (Understanding). This team brainstorms and generates ideas (Deviating) in which other disciplines are included (so pushing boundaries). These ideas are checked for feasibility (Deciding) and presented to a jury. The jury chooses an idea to be fleshed out as a prototype for GLOW. And ultimately this is tested during GLOW.

GLOWlabs approach

GLOWlabs approach

GLOWlabs are supported by Regiodeal Brainport and MRE.