A homage to Van Gogh at GLOW
30 October 2019

A homage to Van Gogh at GLOW

Anyone interested in Vincent van Gogh cannot ignore Noord-Brabant. He was born here and lived and worked for most of his life in Brabant. Reason enough for light art festival GLOW Eindhoven, together with Van Gogh Brabant and the Van Gogh Museum, to pay homage to the famous painter and offer a special-deal combination ticket to the lightshow NOVITER and the Vincentre in Nuenen.

Sunflowers for Van Gogh

The light art work ‘Sunflowers for Van Gogh’, made by the Eindhoven light artist Hugo Vrijdag and light festival Nanjing, will be on show during GLOW on the Lichtplein in Eindhoven. It is as though you are looking at a Van Gogh painting: a sea of sunflowers unfolds before your eyes, swaying in the wind. If you come closer, you will discover that they are in fact beautiful lanterns, made according to Chinese tradition. The light art work came about through a collaboration between GLOW Eindhoven, the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam and Van Gogh Brabant. It will be exhibited in January during the Qinhuai light festival in Nanjing and will then return to the Netherlands for an exhibition in Amsterdam.

Combi ticket Light Show & Vincentre Nuenen

Van Gogh Brabant and GLOW Eindhoven are offering GLOW visitors a special deal combination ticket for a seat at the light show NOVITER and a visit to the Vincentre in Nuenen. Stories about Van Gogh, his letters and paintings all come together in the Vincentre. Follow this with a walk around Nuenen, visit the 23 locations and imagine yourself in the life of Van Gogh.