ASML and GLOW Eindhoven strengthen partnership
6 November 2018

ASML and GLOW Eindhoven strengthen partnership

Following the light art work _ROOT by the Eindhoven artist and designer Gijs van Bon at GLOW 2017,  the high-tech company ASML and Light Art festival GLOW Eindhoven meet again this year with _PING : the new work by Gijs van Bon. An art work in which traditional Chinese light art is combined with interactive applications of light in networks. A unique project that can be seen at both GLOW Eindhoven and at the Qinhuai light festival in Nanjing in 2019.

With this project, GLOW demonstrates a new way of investing in collaborations that is in keeping with a light festival: the linking of talents or famous artists and designers to high-tech organisations in Eindhoven, like ASML. “We’re a long-term partner to GLOW, as it relates to what we do on several levels. We focus on light and technology, just like GLOW. We’re happy to support a thriving festival that is a valuable asset for not only the city of Eindhoven but also the city of Nanjing where ASML has an office as well.” Hank Oosterbaan, Global Manager Labor Market Communications, ASML.


_PING will have its world premiere at GLOW and falls into the ‘New Light’ category, ensuring talent and innovation. The light art work will then travel around the world to the Qinhuai light festival in Nanjing China in 2019. In doing so, spreading the GLOW Eindhoven mission together with ASML: Eindhoven makes the difference in light art.

PING relates with a long line of 250 beacons. They generate a chain reaction from the messages spoken into it by the public. The lanterns pass the message on to each other using light and sound and, in doing so, make a dynamic and positive contribution to the street scene and community. On the platform on the 18 Septemberplein you can leave your message for the GLOW public on the GLOW route. As soon as the spoken message has been recorded and the end of the drumstick lights up, the big Chinese drum can be hit. Upon impact, the message is fired into the chain of beacons.


GLOW makes Eindhoven’s DNA tangible. Eindhoven is traditionally a city of light but now, stronger than ever, it is the city of Technology, Design and Knowledge, and most especially the combination. GLOW Eindhoven reveals this in a magical and accessible way with light.

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