Blue skyline at GLOW Eindhoven 2018
18 November 2018

Blue skyline at GLOW Eindhoven 2018

The sky turned blue this year in Eindhoven during GLOW 2018. The light art project ‘Something Blue’ by the Finnish light artist Kari Kola, bathed the skyline in a deep blue and purple light each evening. Resulting in a phenomenal number of pictures on social media. Almost 19,000 pictures have been posted on Instagram #gloweindhoven. The absolute favourites among the GLOW public this year were the Tower of Light (from Eindhoven) and the Cathatharinakerk (Confluence, from Portugal). The light show in the Philips Stadium was also well-received, especially among the younger audience. The museum special '... in the dark', a collaborative project between the Van Abbemuseum and TAC, attracted more than 5000 visitors. Visitor flows on the 5 km route through Eindhoven’s inner city were smooth and without calamities. Besides the major international light art works there were more projects made by Eindhoven designers, artists and technicians than ever before. GLOW Eindhoven took place from 10 to 17 November and attracted 750,000 visitors this year.

Made in Eindhoven

The light art works at GLOW Eindhoven were designed especially for this light festival. More than 65 % of all projects were home-grown in Eindhoven. Each and every one devised and made by internationally renowned designers, technicians and artists from Eindhoven. Solo or co-productions with one of the high-tech companies from the Eindhoven region that are linked to young talent, often supervised by an experienced light artist.
This combination of technology and design during GLOW is a logical choice, they are the city’s strong(est) pillars. The most beautiful projects are created through the fusion of both worlds. Light is so magical here because it appeals to the imagination, creates atmosphere and connects. It is also in line with the GLOW mission: Eindhoven makes a difference with light art. Making this edition unique, with new works employing light technologies that have never been shown before. These creative and inspiring innovative works are awarded the label 'made in Eindhoven', and afterwards, following further development, they travel the world. You can read here who these designers, artists and technicians are at GLOW 2018.

Winner of photo competition – Something Blue

GlowSomethingBlue-5412-1-kleiner-Hans-Tibben.jpgIn cooperation with Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne, GLOW set up a photo competition on Instagram this year #blueglow18. We were looking for the most beautiful picture of the ‘Someting Blue’ project by Kari Kola. The winner, also chosen by the artist himself, is Hans Tibben from Gouda. This photo will be published on all GLOW channels, Kari: "I'm choosing this because of the total atmosphere in the picture, its complete story. Watching light art gives meaning, to go closer, to see more and to search for the light."
Eindhoven’s blue skyline was visible from as far as Retie in Belgium, about 40 km away. The sky allowed for beautiful photographs. Images taken of the light project from aeroplanes even flew in.

In 2019 GLOW Eindhoven will take place from 9 to 16 November. The route is not yet known.