Connecting You
23 November 2020

Connecting You

From Tuesday November 24th, fourteen showcases with light artworks by mostly young artists can be admired in the center of Eindhoven during the Fijne Feestdagen for four weeks. A light gift from GLOW and its partners. An outdoor exhibition that everyone can enjoy individually and carefree in this time of limitations.

With Connecting You, GLOW wants to stimulate talent and offer a stage, but also give a light gift to the city of Eindhoven. Connecting You's set-up is in line with GLOW's approach in 2019 to be visible in the city not only during the light festival, but also during the rest of the year.

For Connecting You, GLOW asked its partners to invite an artist to create a light artwork and present it in public space. The artists were challenged to offer passers-by a 1-on-1 experience of "light is life" by means of a light artwork. The only briefing the partners received was Connecting the Dots and the size of the display cases that GLOW provided. This led to surprising results. For example, the Chinese Students & Scholars Association created a 3D light story with magpies, their symbol for connection. Jolie van Wijngaarden shows an installation in which she shows the world the magic of a wafer. Something that is in every computer and phone but is always hidden, even if you use it every day.

The display cases will be placed in the city on Monday November 23, in collaboration with the Fijne Feestdagen and can be admired by the public from November 24 until December 27, 2020. To prevent the showcases from generating a flow of people, they are not in a route.

“They are light artworks that you discover by accident during your visit to the city center,” says Ronald Ramakers, director of GLOW. “Just like earlier this month with Connecting the Dots, we want to surprise with the artworks. Light artworks in public space instead of a route fit in these times when we can do little. In this way we bring GLOW to the public, instead of the other way around. ”