GLOW 2020 as a symbol of connection, hope and emotion
Photo: Paul Raats
15 November 2020

GLOW 2020 as a symbol of connection, hope and emotion

Some might call it the largest light artwork in the world! Others might say that it was the ‘Best kept secret of Eindhoven’. But however we may call it, GLOW 2020 was an edition at which we realised, more than ever, how important personal relationships, interaction and human contact is. This year, however GLOW came to visit, no route and everyone stayed at home. The one-time, magical moment that ‘light is life’ represented, became a version which the traditional light festival shall never forget. The entire city became one large light artwork with as much as 80 km of surface lit. It became the largest in the entire world.

Connecting the Dots
On November the 12th at five pm the light artwork was shown to the entire world for the first time. The immense light artwork ‘Connecting the Dots’ reached out over the entire city. A work that consisted of more than 1,500 ledlights, 1,000 balloons, red dots, that floated in the sky and more than 20,000 red-glow-dots on windows. The two striking chimneys of the former Philips grounds Strijp-T, were transformed by the artist Hugo Vrijdag in a permanent light art piece. This was the start of GLOW 2020.

From that moment on Eindhoven started to reveal, district after district an enormous dome of blue light. This blue sky above Eindhoven, designed by the finnish lightartist Kari Kola, created a different effect every day. A spectaculair natural phenomenon, that was influenced by rain, clouds and fog. The red dots, from artist Ivo Schoofs, danced in the wind. An incredible sight! The art piece was not only on show for all the homes in Eindhoven, but you could also watch it all over the world on the temporary livestream.

GLOW furthermore called for everyone to make their own personal red Dot and provide it with a message for the world. Around the world appeared more than 20,000 self-made red dots in front of windows. This way everyone, young or old, was part of the 15th edition of GLOW 2020. In the night of November the 14th the lights of ‘Connecting the Dots’ were turned off.