GLOW 2021: an exciting new format and more community focus
22 September 2021

GLOW 2021: an exciting new format and more community focus

The GLOW light art festival is returning to its vibrant open-air, public-event format in 2021 – but with a twist. Under the theme ‘Moved by Light’, the festival, which is free, will run from 6-13 November 2021.

Last year, GLOW surprised everyone by becoming a stay-at-home event: Connecting the Dots. This was hugely successful in bringing Eindhoveners together safely, and even extended GLOW’s reach around the world. At the same time, it was very different from the GLOW festival the community and visitors know and love.

Since the first edition in 2006, GLOW has grown into the bucket-list destination for everyone who loves breath-taking, challenging, thought-provoking, inspiring or simply beautiful light art in a public setting. Today, GLOW is one of the world’s most innovative public space light art festivals, known for its cross-fertilisation of ideas and technology between artists, community, companies and city.

Send spirits soaring

Now the much-loved public-space festival is back, and with an exciting new format. The theme of GLOW 2021 – ‘Moved by Light’ – has been chosen because light both moves us and enables us to move. It touches the heart and enables us to see. It sends the spirits soaring.

But the ‘moved by’ part of this year’s theme has a third meaning as it signals a change for the annual event. Instead of installing light art along a walking route in the city centre, GLOW 2021 will be held at four separate locations in the city. This will encourage people to be ‘moved by light’ to seek out and explore other centre areas of Eindhoven. It will also permit the staging of more disparate artworks. Each of the areas chosen has a distinct identity – architecture, history, people, character – that lends itself to doing things that cannot be done elsewhere in the city or in the centre.

For 2021, GLOW will take place at these four locations in Eindhoven:

  • Centre
  • Strijp/ Strijp S
  • Campina complex
  • TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology)

In addition, there are several satellite locations:

  • Studio Festi puts the city center in the light with gates and also places it at Eindhoven Airport.
  • High Tech Campus in Eindhoven shows a light and water show and the 'Led Light District' project.
  • Nuenen is host to the GLOW project from 2019 'Sunflowers for Van Gogh'.
More community involvement

Beyond this change, GLOW 2021 will remain an event by Eindhoven for the city and the world. Indeed, the move to a multi-location format – taking GLOW into the community – will make it easier for more residents, businesses, schools and other organisations to get involved in GLOW in their own ways.

For the 2021 event, for example, students from Eindhoven University of Technology are working with local companies and other schools to create light art exhibits. Experts are mentoring these student groups at the GLOW Academy. International artists are working with shopkeepers, city marketing, retailers and café owners. And Eindhoven’s role as a technology hothouse is underlined through the active involvement of Eindhoven’s tech hotbed leaders.

“There’s no other city that can do this,” said Ronald Ramaker, director of GLOW. “GLOW 2021 is an invitation to feel good, get involved and send the spirits soaring, enabling light art lovers, curious families and groups of friends to enjoy themselves by being moved by light.”