GLOW Eindhoven 2019, the route
27 June 2019

GLOW Eindhoven 2019, the route

The GLOW route of 2019 is now available online.
From 9 to 16 November 2019 Eindhoven will be immersed in light art. For the 14th time this year. The inner city will be turned into one major exhibition space with light projects by artists from home and abroad, including young talented artists. New this year are the Lightlabs where up-and-coming talent and Eindhoven designers, companies and institutions jointly create new light projects that are given a stage at GLOW. GLOW Eindhoven is all about innovation and talent development. The projects are linked to each other by way of a free route through the city centre. The 2019 theme is ‘Living Colors’.

GLOW Lightlabs
Lightlabs are theme-based sessions in which companies, artists, technicians, designers and institutions work together on innovative light art works or light projects. The objective of the Lightlabs is perceivable added value for both GLOW Eindhoven and the city. We must remain innovative to stay distinctive. New technologies entail new artistic forms. Through these creative and innovative light art works GLOW aims to stimulate, inspire and hold the public’s curiosity. GLOW also wants to intrigue and attract new talent. This year two Lightlab projects will be realised.

For the first year in a long time there will be no projection on the Catharinakerk. However, there will be a major tryptic projection on the Paterskerk, Mariënhage and the Dela building. The renovated Paterskerk and Mariënhage will be opened in November during GLOW under the name DomusDela. Here, the Portuguese artists’ collective Ocubo Criatievo will relate a narrative employing the themes Heart, Light & Time. This tryptic falls into the category Bright Light and is not only the start, but also one of the highlights of the route. In the category ‘New Light’ students from the Eindhoven University of Technology’s faculties of the Built Environment and Industrial design respond to interaction and modularity. They are allowing these to merge in the project HYPER. An installation that turns the interaction of the viewers into a play of light. Students from Fontys Applied Physics will present a remarkable ‘Green Light’ project in which light-emitting bacteria jointly form a light artwork that will grow as GLOW continues.

Unlike previous years the route will go straight through the Van Abbemuseum and all GLOW visitors will get to see the museum of contemporary art from the inside. Admission will only be charged for the light show in the Philips Stadium, which is actually a light concert this year. Tickets for the Philips Stadium will be available online from 1 October.

Theme: Living Colors
From The Source in 2017 and Shadows & Light in 2018, we are now moving to Living Colors as a theme for 2019. The last part of the tryptic. In this edition’s Living Colors GLOW extricates light from the source. What happens when we disassemble the spectrum of light? What colours do we see, where do they lead us? How does the colour relate to the source of light? The theme will be presented to the light artists to incorporate this in their work of art, giving it their own and free interpretation.

GLOW route
The 5 km route runs through the centre of Eindhoven. Which takes 2 hours at a leisurely pace. The route features different kinds of light projects; innovative and unique projects, work by young talented artists, sustainable projects creating awareness and a number of major highlights. The projects on the route have been labelled Bright Light, New Light, Green Light and Art Light. 

Photo: artist impression of artists collective Ocubo Criativo