GLOW Eindhoven and founders call for awareness for sustainability
10 November 2019

GLOW Eindhoven and founders call for awareness for sustainability

Together with its founders Signify (previously Philips Lighting) and the Municipality of Eindhoven, the light art festival GLOW Eindhoven is taking steps to ensure sustainability for the annual event. During the event, which takes place from 9 until 16 November this year, the light art work Colour Symphony, projected on the Witte Dame, will be followed by a six-minute audio interval each time to highlight awareness for sustainability. Together with the artists and Signify, GLOW Eindhoven will employ an audio monologue without light spectacle to create a moment of reflection and attention for sustainability.

The audio monologue ‘Light is life’ – an inspiring story of light in which a grandfather tells his grandson about light, darkness and sustainability – appeals to the GLOW visitor to be more economical with lighting. A sustainable future without concessions is only possible if we change the way we employ light. This is possible if we all take a step in the ‘direction of a greener way of life’.

Balance, not growth

Light art festival GLOW is aware that steps need to be taken. Director Ramakers expresses this too: “We are not focusing on growth, but on balance. GLOW wants to become energy-neutral, but also combat waste in a broader sense, with the focus on recycling. We are looking at how Eindhoven companies can save energy for GLOW throughout the year, for example by switching off lights a minute earlier. More importantly, this is a statement that raises awareness. Fortunately, more and more light art works employ LED light, which is much more energy-efficient than incandescent lamps. Light beacons used for previous editions will be reused differently next time. This is an integral part of our constant search for innovation and balance, without this becoming a bore."

International Congress

On Sunday 10 November, GLOW Eindhoven will organise the annual international congress, this time with the theme ‘sustainability’. No fewer than 35 organisers of international light festivals will be present to discuss measures to improve the sustainability of light festivals around the world.