GLOW Eindhoven 'most accessible event in Eindhoven' for people with a physical disability
12 February 2020

GLOW Eindhoven 'most accessible event in Eindhoven' for people with a physical disability

The Gouden Duim 2019 (Golden thumbs-up award), the prize for the best score for accessibility for people with a physical disability, has been awarded to the light art festival GLOW Eindhoven. Stichting Platform Gehandicaptenbeleid Eindhoven (Eindhoven Association for Disability Policy Making) created this award to inspire events to focus more on accessibility for people with a disability wanting to participate fully in social events.

Stichting Platform Gehandicaptenbeleid Eindhoven (PGE) is a voluntary organisation that promotes the collective interests of all Eindhoven residents with a physical disability and/or chronic illness. PGE wants everyone to be able to fully participate in social life and stimulates event organisers to optimise the accessibility of their events for disabled visitors. Volunteers from the Stichting PGE visited a number of events in Eindhoven during 2019 and evaluated them for accessibility, practicability and safety for people with a physical disability. The event with the highest score is awarded a Gouden Duim. In 2019 GLOW Eindhoven scored the best.

Head of Production Tom Weerts: “ We are delighted with this award.  GLOW Eindhoven is an event for everyone. We see the collaboration with Stichting PGE as a long-term relationship and where applicable we introduce improvements sustainably for each edition. This year we have particularly invested in the provision of information on the website and we considered the GLOWroute with the Stichting in advance, so that there was sufficient time to make a number of locations more accessible for people with a disability.”

PGE association Chair Toon van de Kerkhof says that "GLOW has really dedicated itself to realising the concept of ‘inclusivity’. PGE considers the result admirable. They even asked us for our advice in advance.” He pointed out that it is ‘very difficult’ to guarantee accessibility at such enormous public events for wheelchair users and other people with a disability.