GLOW launches the route of 2018
26 June 2018

GLOW launches the route of 2018

The 5 km walk picks a route through the centre of Eindhoven. More compact than in previous years to maximise the experience. There are many different light projects along the route; innovative and unique projects, work from young talented artists, sustainable projects that create awareness and a number of big highlights. The various categories of projects will be labelled along the route with a specific name and colour. 

GLOW Route 2018


Thanks to the cooperation with the light festival in Nanjing, a Chinese light art project will embellish  the Victoriapark. A co-production between GLOW and Chinese light artists from the ‘Qinhuai Lantern Festival’. There will also be a GLOW catering spot at this location that ties in with the work.
Another unique innovative project is the GLOW Bot. The first 'chatbot' with character that combines voice control, design, light, movement and artificial intelligence in an accessible and playful manner. GLOW visitors will encounter the 'chatbot' along the route. Visitors can talk, laugh with and undoubtedly be surprised about its appearance and shape. An intelligent piece of art, constructed from flexible LED screens. 
This year the Catharina church will be illuminated with a projection by the internationally famous group Ocubo from Portugal. 

Theme: Shadows & Light

As sung by Joni Mitchell in the song “Shadows and Light”. No light without shadow, no image without meaning. With this theme, GLOW 2018 will go in search of duality and contrast. In practice it is not just about ultimate contrasts of black and white, but also of too much and too little, front and back, inside and outside, sober and exuberant... light and shadow. The theme was presented to the artists who will incorporate this in their work in their own unique way.


We will wind up GLOW 2018 with the GLOW Run on Saturday 17 November past all the art light projects. This is the fourth time the ‘fun’ run has been organised, in cooperation with Thinc ahead. The runners will race along the GLOW course adorned with the GLOW art light works. Tickets can be ordered now.

The GLOW route will be online from today. The new interactive GPS map will be available from 1 October.