GLOW working on alternative scenarios for forthcoming anniversary edition
Light artwork 'Open Minded' by Studio Giftig - GLOW2019
23 April 2020

GLOW working on alternative scenarios for forthcoming anniversary edition

On 21 April the organised event ban was extended from 1 June to 1 September. It remains uncertain what the situation for events will be after that. GLOW Eindhoven, too, is considering the measures and possible consequences influencing the light art festival. At the moment GLOW Eindhoven is exploring a number of scenarios with its founders and partners, hoping to eventually attain the definitive event format in June.

GLOW Eindhoven and its partners are facing a number of dilemmas, because what should the setup of the coming edition be in order for the public to be able to enjoy the unique light art works and the typical friendly GLOW atmosphere in a safe and responsible manner?

Projects into the sky

Through the years, GLOW has become inextricably linked with large crowds. It is clear that this is not an option. Even if it were permitted, a 5-kilometre route traversing the city does not feel right. GLOW is consequently contemplating alternatives: major projects in the sky or mobile light art works that drive past parks and nursing homes every few days.


GLOW is also intent on using this opportunity to create a sense of connection - with the city -  during the forthcoming edition. There are plans to attempt to cloak the city in complete darkness for half an hour during GLOW with everyone in Eindhoven being invited to place a light outside their door.

Director Ronald Ramakers: “A challenging task that opens up many possibilities and places great demands on our flexibility. Fortunately, we are pretty good at flexibility in Eindhoven. From the many meetings with the Municipality of Eindhoven and various partners it is clear how much the city cherishes GLOW. Yes, the coming anniversary edition is going to be completely different from other editions, that much is clear. But GLOW would not be GLOW if that, in turn, didn’t produce something beautiful. And what time could be better than during an anniversary edition?”

The final decision about the setup for GLOW 2020 will be taken together with the Municipality.