Innovation centre stage at GLOW 2019
Fresh talent shows work in Living Colours
2 October 2019

Innovation centre stage at GLOW 2019

In a bit more than a month GLOW 2019 will kick off. With a new theme, four brand-new GLOWlabs, attention for talent and a new light show in the Philips Stadium, the Eindhoven light art festival shows its focus on innovation. From 9 to 16 November, the city is back in the limelight.

Living Colours

After the themes The Source in 2017 and Shadows & Light in 2018, GLOW is completing the tryptic with Living Colours this year. The light artists embraced the theme, resulting in artworks that each convey their own interpretation of the theme. What happens if we dissect the spectrum of light? Which colours do we see, where do they lead us? How do colours relate to the source of light? This GLOW sees Jan Fabel, Dirk van Poppel and Erwin Steijlen return to tackle Eindhoven’s icon once more: De Witte Dame, where Philips tinkered with light from 1931. The building’s architecture looks like an empty page of sheet music that challenges them to create a composition with light, colour, movement and music.

GLOWlabs: new talent shines

This year GLOW proudly launches the GLOWlabs. These labs are sessions in which companies, artists, technicians, designers, institutions and residents collaborate on innovative light art works based on a particular theme. A new concept expressing creativity in light art. The following projects are this year's GLOWlabs.

Come and Grow is a collaborative project between GGzE and the Eindhoven designer George Barratt-Jones. The work is inspired by the effect light has on people: growth and happiness. The interactive piece involves visitors in growing an 8-metre-high tree. With their light art work Floral FLOW, the students from Fontys BeCreative call for more green spaces in inner cities. In collaboration with De Dommel water authority the Glow public and the river Dommel the green grows. In a joint project with ASML, Gijs van Bon has continued to develop PING this year: a dynamic representation in light and sound by old-fashioned communication methods: beacons relay signals. The light art work Crowd Cloud by five Fontys ICT students creates awareness of the risks of using public Wi-Fi networks. The senses are playfully stimulated with light and colour, depending on the interaction with the public.

Foederer Talent Award

The winner of the Foederer Talent Award 2019, Valerie van Zuijlen, shows her project Moonlight in the Steentjeskerk. The installation shows how an audio message is sent to the surface of the moon and bounced back in light. To the moon and back again.

NOVITER Light Show

For the third time running, TWOFIFTYK will enthral the Philips Stadium with a light show. A retrospective this year, about how it started: the focus is on music, performance and light. NOVITER dissects the elements of a classical composition, seeking its essence and transforming it into a new composition. A remix of a classical piece with feats of engineering. NOVITER can be experienced every evening at 19:00, 20:30 and 22:00 hrs. Ticket sales has commenced, with an early-bird promotion.