Made in Eindhoven
8 November 2018

Made in Eindhoven

'Eindhoven makes a difference with light art'

The light art projects at GLOW Eindhoven are designed especially for this Light Festival. Many of these projects are from Eindhoven itself, are invented and made here, by internationally renowned designers, technicians and artists from Eindhoven. Solo or in co-production with one of the high-tech companies from the Eindhoven region, they are linked to young talent, often under the supervision of an experienced light artist.

This combination of technology and design during GLOW is a logical choice, they are the city’s strong(est) pillars. The most beautiful projects are created through the fusion of both worlds. Light is so magical here because it appeals to the imagination, creates atmosphere and connects. It is also in line with the GLOW mission: Eindhoven makes a difference with light art. Making this edition unique, with new works employing light technologies that have never been shown before. These creative and inspiring innovative works are awarded the label 'made in Eindhoven', and afterwards, following further development, they travel the world.

Designers edition 2018

Gijs van Bon, Hugo Vrijdag, Jaap van Elzen and Lucas Maassen all graduated as designers from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. They are now all entrepreneurs in different sectors. Hugo Vrijdag is the originator and owner of the Ontdekfabriek in Strijp-S where, through a unique approach, children learn about technology through playing. For this GLOW edition Vrijdag designed 2 light art works: ‘De Machine uitgevlogen 3’ and ‘Bixie’.

Gijs van Bon does not just design light art, he is also active as a designer. He is also known for the ‘Klosklok”. Last year, Gijs created the laser tree _ROOT in cooperation with ASML. This year he has a piece in the route named _PING, comprising 250 beacons.

Lucas Maassen was the first designer to be given carte blanche by the GLOW organisation to create work on the Stadhuisplein next to his pop-up restaurant Wallstreet. He and his girlfriend, artist Margriet Creans, came up with the idea of the Light Market. Next to his role as light artist, Jaap van Elzen also works as the Art Director for Holland Art Group.

Technicians edition 2018

In addition, there are artists who have their roots in technology. Graduates from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Fontys Engineering or Fontys Applied Science, like Dennis de Klein, Philips Ross, Michel Suk, Har Hollands and Ivo Schoofs. They have participated in GLOW for many years with large and innovative installations like Influx, A.R.T., Step into the Light, the Fire-tornado and Pendulum Wave. The latter two projects are by Schoofs and have been used in multiple international light festivals. But permanent light projects for the city are also home-grown, like Light Dome in the Heuvel (shopping mall) and AnTUenna on the TU/e campus by Har Hollands.

Dennis de Klein graduated from the TU/e and is a creative producer with TWOFIFTYK and flies around the world with his company. They are responsible for stages at massive dance festivals like The Flying Dutch, Untold, Amsterdam Dance Event and performing artists like Armin van Buuren. For several years linked with GLOW, now the makers of the light shows in the Philips Stadium.

Even the makers of 'Blob the Bulb' at GLOW 2017 and 'Tower of Light' at GLOW 2018 have their roots in Eindhoven. Dirk van Poppel and Jan Fabel have a long track record in ICT and have shifted their activities to the digital art world. GLOW is delighted with these 'mature' young talents.