Permanent Light Artwork: Two Chimneys at Strijp-T
Photo: Jan Timmer
2 December 2020

Permanent Light Artwork: Two Chimneys at Strijp-T

The city of Eindhoven will receive a monumental light artwork. The two striking chimneys of the former power plant at Eindhoven Strijp-T have been transformed into a permanent light artwork. This work will be symbolically handed over to the city on Wednesday 2 December at 5.30 pm. Carina Verhulst, representative of the Drents Dorp, will receive the work.

Light cyclists and castles in the air

The artwork was designed by Hugo Vrijdag (1970) who, as a visual artist and designer, combines a fascination for technology with telling stories. His assignment for this light artwork, which is offered as a permanent gift to the city by the Strijp-T development team: create an appealing and iconic "landmark" that matches the innovative Strijp area.
Friday treats the two chimneys “like a canvas on which you can apply images with multicolor laser projection”. It uses six RGB 7 Watt lasers. In the first year, Friday will provide the canvas with stories. He started with Connecting the Dots, a sneak preview during GLOW 2020.

Narrative artwork

From Wednesday December 2, Hugo Vrijdag presents the story entitled "Lichtfietsers en Luchtkastelen" translated as "Cyclists of light and castles in the air". An ode to inventors who are inspired by flora and fauna. For the further development of the story, Vrijdag also seeks collaboration with others. He always wants to invite other parties, for example students, to create light artworks on the chimneys. By involving multiple parties in the story, it becomes an interactive work of art that communicates with the city and responds to current events.

Light art

The Strijp-T development team opted for light art because it suits Strijp-T, a former Philips site. The chimneys are the most imposing twin chimneys still in existence in the Netherlands. They were built in 1948 and 1953 by Canoy-Herfkens and have a height of 76 meters. Thanks to a light artwork on the striking chimneys, they also get the attention they deserve after sunset.

Selection procedure

Because it concerned light art, Strijp-T asked GLOW to take on the role of curator. In GLOWlabs, companies, light artists, designers, students and institutions are brought together to collaborate on an innovative light artwork. About ten artists were approached and a special evaluation committee was appointed. For the assessment of the designs, the jury based itself on criteria such as sustainability, interactivity, future-proofness and innovative character. The shape of the chimneys also had to be preserved. Hugo Vrijdag's plan was chosen from the presentations.
With the permanent artwork, the Strijp-T development team wants to give the city of Eindhoven an interactive light artwork that moves with the rhythm of the city and
Strijp-T visibly connects with Strijp-S and Strijp-R, together forming the innovation district.

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