Studio Toer in Sydney with light art project
4 June 2019

Studio Toer in Sydney with light art project

Now shown on the other side of the world in Sydney Australia, the Eindhoven design collective Studio Toer, with the light art project 'Firefly Field'. A truly magical project.


With the magical installation ‘Firefly Field’, Studio Toer can show their skills on the other side of the world. With over 500 flying lights, Firefly Field simulates the movement of nocturnal fireflies.  The ever-changing bioluminescence of each one is reflected in the grassy slope. Firefly light is usually intermittent, and flashes in patterns that are unique to each species. Each blinking pattern is an optical signal that helps fireflies find potential mates. On mass, they create a dynamic light scene that triggers visitors’ curiosity and awe.

Studio Toer participated in GLOW Eindhoven 2018 with the light project ‘In Transition’: a light element at Raiffeisenstraat. They also participated in the Talent Award of GLOW. They were runner up, but their talent is so tangible, the GLOW organisation decided to let them participate at GLOW Eindhoven 2018 anyway.

‘Eindhoven makes the difference in light art’,  is the mission statement of GLOW. We do this by remaining innovative in the field of lighting technology, creating space for experiment and talent. And we love to see that this Eindhoven collective has created a light project so powerful, on the other side of the world, through the combination of smart technology and light.

Studio Toer is a multidisciplinary design studio from the Netherlands, founded in 2011 by Castor Bours (1984) and Wouter Widdershoven (1986). With backgrounds in the arts and design (Design Academy Eindhoven) and interactive design (Industrial Design TU Eindhoven) and a strong explorative and experimental approach, they are able to push both the aesthetical and technical boundaries of design while using a wide variety of media.