Theme GLOW 2018: Shadows & Light
2 November 2018

Theme GLOW 2018: Shadows & Light

We are just days away from flicking the switch. Shadows & Light is the theme for this 13th edition of the light art festival GLOW Eindhoven. With this theme, GLOW 2018 explores duality. The 32 light art projects play with light and shade and are presented in 4 different categories: Head Light, Artistic Light, New Light and Green Light. These projects are dotted along the 5 km walk through Eindhoven centre.

Shadows & Light
‘Every picture has its shadows
And some source of light
Blindness, blindness and sight’
Joni Mitchell sang in “Shadows and light”. No light without shade, no image without content. This theme was impressed upon artists who created the light projects for GLOW 2018. In practice, it is not just about the ultimate contrast of black and white, but also about grand and small, front and back, inside and out, sober and exuberant... light and shade. The story is born in the antithesis, no perception without contrast.

Opening show Philips Stadium

The TWOFIFTYK light show has also incorporated the theme. It will be a magical spectacle the likes of which have never been seen before, with the whole stadium coming to life and playing a game between light and shade. Anyone can buy a ticket for the opening show.

Photo: The Carcass

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