Every year, the festival consists of approximately 30 to 40 light artworks designed by national and international light artists. During the light art festival in November, these works of art are placed in public spaces in the city centre of Eindhoven.

Registrations for 2022 are closed. New registrations will be taken into account for 2023.

Should you, as an artist, designer, talent or designers collective, apply your work of art, we will take a number of criteria into consideration and we will review if it fits the program and vision of GLOW Eindhoven. Does your work of art add something to the mission statement of GLOW Eindhoven: 'Eindhoven makes the difference in light art'. 

Which light artworks are taken into consideration for GLOW:

  • Light project or object - ligt artwork -light installation - light projection - video mapping - interactive installation
  • Visible to a large audience
  • Newly applied light techniques - new shapes - light design
  • Light! In all its aspects and forms

Which projects will NOT be taken into consideration for GLOW:

  • Artworks that do not have a connection with light
  • Projects, works of art or performances in which light as a subject or element becomes too abstract. It becomes 'unvisible' to the audience
  • (Band) performances on the GLOW Route

Should we be interested to work with you, we will contact you asap!

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