GLOW 2022


Light dances across a building and transforms an empty space. Patterns and shapes appear and disappear. Before your eyes, the city becomes a decor in a play. Yes, it’s the city, but not the city you know. Or thought you knew.

Welcome to Urban Skin, the theme of this year’s GLOW light art festival.

New yet familiar
In fact, GLOW 2022 is more than just a new iteration of a much-loved event; it marks a shift to the future. Our ambition is based on our vision of “Light Art for All” and our core values of Striking, Connecting, Accessible and Innovative.

At the same time, we’re reconnecting with those signature markers from earlier editions that visitors love so much: the togetherness; the single walking route; the sense of occasion; the shared wow.

We will continue to build on our greatest asset: that Eindhoven makes GLOW. The buildings, the parks, the roofs, the streets – the city – will continue to be the canvas on which we create. The atelier and the metropolis in which residents and visitors come together to make GLOW the leading festival of its kind.

By everyone, for everyone
So what better theme for this year’s GLOW than Urban Skin? Urban, because we’re once again involving the city and everyone who lives here. Skin, because the entire theme involves treating the city centre as a living body onto which we project light – outside, inside, underneath, on top of and around. A skin on which we create a new look for, a different feel to, and a fresh experience of art, and light art in particular.

We’ll have 20,000 school kids beaming projections onto the outside and inside of the Van Abbemuseum (a concept from Hugo Vrijdag). Picto Facto with their mobile street art. There will be huge, unforgettable projections from local tech-leader companies like ASML in co-creation with Dirk van Poppel, DAF with Michel Suk and others. There will be interior and exterior projections across the city. There will be light and water. In fact, over 30 unique artworks, all carefully chosen and commissioned to complement each other and capture the essence of what Urban Skin means. On a more serious note, we will also be holding a congress in which we will explore lighting, light pollution and sustainability – key questions for the future.

As the first example of the new GLOW, Urban Skin is a statement of our ambition for the future and a marker for what’s yet to come. It’s going to be amazing.