Light art festival

GLOW is a light art festival in the public space of Eindhoven of 35 famous national and international light artists. The light artworks are connected by a walking route. Besides the light artworks and numerous side events created by international light artists, there are also innovative, unique works of art that are created by (young) Eindhoven talent. It is the culmination of one, two or even more years of working, experimenting and perfecting together. Every edition has a specific theme which is presented to the light artists to incorporate in their work of art, giving it their own and free interpretation.

The light art festival takes place every November and attracts many visitors. Going from 45 000 visitors in 2006 to over 770 000 in 2019 is not just a matter of numbers. In 17 years, GLOW has evolved from a recurring, single week event to a cherished Eindhoven citizen. One that’s active, entrepreneurial, looking for new doors to open every single day. Letting its large fanbase as well as new visitors enjoy the pinnacle of light art the Eindhoven way - at the home of light art, design and innovation.