29Vena Lumen

29Vena Lumen


More than 11 thousand lights dancing to your heartbeat.

"Vena Lumen" stands for pulse light. The design transforms the heartbeat into dancing light, which moves in the bench. The light illustrates the beauty of two lives colliding and joining together to become one with each other.

Feel, influence and be part of: Vena Lumen is interactive. When you take a seat on the couch, the light dances on your heartbeat. We make you aware of life and the heartbeat that goes with it.

Let's brighten the future!

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Vena Lumen is made possible by:


We have a multicultural and multidisciplinary team of six engineering students from Fontys Hogescholen. We have four Electrical engineer students, namely Joacim H Ingri from Norway, Mariana Portillo from Mexico, Bram Kuijk from the Netherlands, and Patryk Kepka from Poland.
Thijn van Heijnsbergen and Willem Reuser from the Netherlands are our Mechatronic engineering students. Thereby bringing inspiration from all over the world.


Students Fontys Engineering