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live all year long

live all year long

GLOW is and always will be that wonderful event in November. Today, however, GLOW also surprises, connects and inspires renewal throughout the year in a continuous process of innovation, design and entrepreneurial spirit. All of which are essential for GLOW's development and growth, and therefore its future.

Nowadays, the physical manifestation of GLOW in November is the apotheosis of one, or sometimes two or more years of collaboration, experimentation and optimisation. As illustrated by the following three examples:

GLOWlabs, which bring together extremely diverse creative minds and, even more intensely than during the event itself, inspire unrestrained and wide-ranging consideration of the function, emotion, artistic impact and possibilities of light, light technology and what this all means for the city of Eindhoven and the future of light art.

Schools and universities that not only visit, but have also participated in the event for many years from primary school pupils to PhD students.

Brainport Eindhoven, the centre of Dutch intellectual and technological expertise. The innovative, scientific and knowledge-oriented epicentre, which continuously nourishes and sets new challenges for GLOW. Due in no small measure to the presence of leading international knowledge institutes such as the Eindhoven University of Technology TU/e and global game changers like ASML, NXP and Signify.

Permanent Light Artworks

The city makes GLOW

The city makes GLOW

As a result, Eindhoven breathes light and light art all year round. And will do so even more until 2028. Because we are always ‘live’. Always open. Always connected. Always on the move. GLOW is a rich, self-sustaining ecosystem, so it would be a shame to use it only once a year, or only for the event.

Director Ronald Ramakers: "Its strength lies in the continual innovation. It’s a pioneers festival, where forerunners come for inspiration. We are different from other light festivals because we produce and bring in special projects. We like to challenge the perceptions of residents, companies and institutions through using light to create new forms and stories."

Foederer Talent Award