Building TQ entrance, backside Vascobello Achtseweg Zuid 151

‘DIORAMA’ is a 3D mapping in which the audience can follow their path around the building.

The four walls of the TQ-building on Strijp-T symbolize the four directions of the wind to science. The projection leads us around the building. The audience has the freedom to make connections between the four ‘directions’, the four projection walls, themselves and can ‘model’ their own experience.

‘DIORAMA’ gives a unique insight into the TQ-building; nothing is what it seems, everything is an illusion. Or perhaps it’s reality? Dimensions don’t matter and big vs. small is not there anymore. The only thing we are left with is a surprise, wonder and curiosity. Thé motivation for the passionate scientist. These elements melt together from all corners to get to one consensus, a quest for the unknown, the new, a search for that which does not exist yet.

Progress and development can’t exist anymore without the combination and summation of individual knowledge, daring and perseverance of thinkers, makers, dreamers, doubters, artists and many, many others. A small ode to everyone who sometimes feels like a scientist.

Dirk van Poppel makes 3D animations, 3D-mappings, VR applications and more. He plays with reality and tries to convey his wonder to the audience with imagery. The invention and making of these wonderous worlds have also been represented in projects for VDL, Philips, DAF, ASML and of course the projects for GLOW: The Blob, Tower of Light and Color Symphony.

Studio Make creates custom soundtracks. They believe in the power of sound and believe that music or a soundtrack communicates just as well as the images and the story. Studio Make is there for sounds for an interface to soundtracks for feature films and multimedia spectacles. They work nationally and internationally for clients such as Schwarzkopf, KPN, Bosch, VDL.


Dirk van Poppel & Studio Make