De Rondom 1, next to Fontys ER

Everyone experiences growth in their life. Growing means investing time and effort into reaching your goals. By overcoming and mastering different elements in the process, you are able to keep on expanding yourself and flourish. Even though it might not always seem that the steps you are taking now contribute to your final goal, eventually it will all fall into place.

With this interactive light installation, Hypar Collective visualizes the journey of growth. When starting your journey, there is no clear coherent path that you can follow, which is shown in disordered and unconnected pieces of the installation. The expanding size of the installation represents how several smaller elements all contribute to growth. Visitors are able to activate these elements by interacting with the installation, making them a participant in the network that sparks personal development. When visitors have mastered the separate elements and reach the highest point of the installation, they are invited to look back at their growth process so far. The unconnected pieces now form a coherent shape, in which the separate elements visually contribute to the achieved goal. By using anamorphosis, Hypar Collective symbolizes its own growth as a team. In 2018 the team showcased her first installation, Loop, at GLOW Eindhoven. When looking back at the installation an outline of Loop can be spotted.

Would you like to learn more about this installation? Listen to the [email protected]/e Tour podcast episode.

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This project participates in the Crowe Talent Award 2021.



Hypar Collective consists of 11 members who currently study or previously have studied at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Their shared passion for interactive light is the main driver behind this team of young creatives. Hypar Collective has a strong vision: creating interactive light installations that make visitors part of the experience. The versatile nature of their modular cubes combined with a multisensory experience in the form of sound and interaction, allows them to keep reinventing their own possibilities.


Hypar Collective