Porte Celesti

Porte Celesti

Whole Centre + Eindhoven Airport

Walking through the Light

There are too many things around us that we do not consider during our life: the Air, which sustain birds in flight; the Thoughts, which occupy minutes and originate ideas; the Light, which is life, beauty, shadow, chiaroscuro, knowledge, sight and a thousand other actions. What Valerio Festi tries to do is to stop ourselves in front of the Light, inside of it. It is perfect, necessary, useful: to observe Light as an enormous, aesthetic phenomenon. The Beauty that we discover, that invades us, become absolute thanks to the Light. It is a task that Valerio Festi gave himself, and Eindhoven is the place that gives the chance to do it right.

25 gates in the centre and 1 gate at Eindhoven Airport
The stories they tell us:



Every night, while we dream, we suspend disbelief as in a theater. Protected by closed eyelids we participate in full light in the most fantastic adventures, in a world that is every time unknown but at the same time completely familiar.


Having lost all prudence, glory walked through a flaming path, towards greatness. But she had left the doors wide open, and behind her rushed boys and girls and, cobblers, shepherds, forgetful old men and a clown. Nobody turned out the light.


Being twins is as living in a mirror, with the unusual pleasure of being able to cross it whenever you want and find yourself looking at yourself. With the right light we can all do it and never be alone, just break the mirror.


In the perfect game, every move is only right at a certain moment and for a specific period. The most skilled player pursues the solution like a small light at the bottom of the dark knowing that only he can see it.


The sky is a place that even those who have never been there remember well, and the stars bring a great nostalgia, as if the sky were the house we started from and where we always want to return. This is why the eyes that look up shine more than the others.


Light is a fruit that needs strong branches to support it. When the flowers and leaves have ended their season, the bare trees are adorned with lights as if they were gems. A drop of water, a reflection, a snowflake is enough.


Do you believe that things cannot see? Or that they don’t know how to see around them where beauty hides, takes a seat or stand? Things are like a beacon of light that explores human beings, and when things encounter beauty they stop and let themselves be chosen.


A spark is enough to kindle a fire, a thread of light under a door to kindle hope: isn't even a single star enough to make you feel like a companion at night? Yet we say we feel alone among millions of galaxies. Maybe we're using the wrong binoculars.


Once you learn to listen with your eyes, you immediately understand how deep the voice of that green is and how high that of a certain yellow. Only the blue can whisper while the red has taken cello lessons. It is the light in this tower that teaches us.


"I lost a smile, has anyone found it?" It happens every day and there is no one who takes care of it. But if by chance you find a smile that someone has lost, please bring it under this arc of lights. You will see what a glow it brings!


We are all someone's future and we will be someone else's past. The present spreads light in both directions, and within each of us this light is reborn every day, colouring itself in a thousand different ways. This light is our daily form of eternity.


Desires are built like houses: it takes solid foundations and thick walls, large windows, and a room of your own. When the house-desire is finished, we enter it as if we were the owners. But only at night, when the light speaks with the darkness of the street, that house is really ours.


Nothing is true if it’s not already a memory. So as soon as we wake up, before looking around and putting our feet out of bed, we must dig into our memory to be sure to find the floor and our life of yesterday. Then everything will shine.


There are forms that cannot stand disputes and use the bow not to shoot an arrow but to bend the light to our desires and sweeten the sunset. The universe is just a dome with an infinitely distant ceiling.


Crowned with a diadem of light, prepared to spoil everyone. Leave us free to live without shoes if we want. We become rulers of a kingdom so superfluous that it does not attract the attention of envious people. Once through the door, you have an empire.


After they borrowed a bit of laziness from a slacker passing by, two angels, leaning against the walls of the night, spent their time telling funny stories of when the world was everything to them and their laughter became confetti of coloured light on the head of the unsuspecting walkers.


A party always begins with a sincere sentence. It doesn't take anything else. At that point the lights turn on like a dialogue between loyal people, and twist like love stories that don’t care if they end. The night knows it.


Think of the world around you as a musical box: every object, plant, person, animal has a sound, and you are the mechanism that brings them into harmony. Enlightened by this idea, forget it and smile at the first smile you meet.


A presumptuous king said that embroidery was a thing for gossip girls, and in his kingdom everything had to be one color, uniform, simple, always the same, modern, rational. It was done and the kingdom was swallowed up by the shadows. Only the gossip girls were saved.


The place where secrets are kept is like midnight to noon, when the clocks do not mark the hours but the steps to be counted to get to the hidden treasure. For a place like this, the light of a lantern is not enough, you have to crumble the sun into emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.


It is at the beginning of Love that the rainbow is born. When Love gets bored, hangs a swing on it and swings over the sea until the stars come out, like flowers after the dew. Even the light swings, like a boat gently returning to its port.


The angels cheekily play their trumpets without caring to be out of tune. Who would have the courage to protest in front of such a marvel? Those who pass by and want to enter, have been standing on the threshold for centuries with eyes and mouth wide open.


Behind every light there is a black wall, and the light is his voice: this is the castle. It is a fairy tale of which we only know the chapters with a happy ending. Nobody really wants to enter a castle, but no one could live without its light.


Porte Celesti is a project by Valerio Festi for Festi Group. His passion for open-air theatre was fostered in the confined space of libraries where accounts of elaborate renaissance festivities and ingenious baroque theatricals are stored. Festive space became the frame for his experiments and the theatre a daily spectacle. His project was a theatre both steeped in history and radically inventive. A theatre where the emotions of a whole community are suspended between the piazza and the sky, in anticipation of enchantment. For forty years Valerio Festi has been steeped in the design and production of this art: with the support of highly talented craftsmen, technicians and artists give marvelous and undreamed-of shape to open-air celebrations: a Concert for fireworks brings music and pyrotechnics into perfect harmony, fabulous floats and machinery create unimagined scenes and architectural illuminations redefine the map of the city, revealing it hidden secrets.


Valerio Festi, Studio Festi