The Water Wall

The Water Wall

High Tech Campus 1 (water side)

The Water Wall is a water show with a simple and original design. The composition consists of 48 straight water jets (jets) twenty meters high arranged in one straight line, and a floral-inspired heart of the show with a central water jet 30 meters high surrounded by four arches.
Each jet is linked to a variable speed drive that allows full control over the height of the effects, and an RGBW LED projector that provides intense colouration of the water. (RGBW: Red, Green, Blue and White). The straight-line layout with equally spaced jets makes it possible to create images of (concepts such as) the binary system in computer science, the DNA structure in biology, or techno-architecture and more generally in industrial architecture. By playfully mixing the colours in the mists and rays of the jets, the waterline can spectacularly portray the chromatic circle (the colour wheel).

The choreography on the heights of jets makes it possible to evoke images of both urban and natural landscapes. The perfect synchronization of the jets creates a rhythm that visually reflects the structure of the music with movements that are sometimes slow and sometimes rousing. The dance performed by the Waterwall is a real visual and emotionally immersive invitation to the mysteries of science and nature.

Water is undoubtedly the most mysterious of all-natural elements; beholding its ebb and flow is already a spectacle, an invitation to contemplation. The transparency and the reflections are mesmerizing; the water shows of Aquatique Shows are especially inspired by this nature of water.


Aquatique Show Creative Team – Maxime Gerhard