Talent Award

Talent development

Talent development

On an annual basis, the Foederer Talent fund organizes in collaboration with GLOW Eindhoven the Foederer Talent Award, an initiative by Crowe Foederer.

With light artwork 'Moonlight', Valerie van Zuijlen has won the talent award 2019.  Her work of art will be shown on the main route of GLOW 2019, inside the Steentjeskerk.

'Elemental Fusion' is the latest artwork of 2018 winners Jelle Meerendonk and Paulina Zybinska. Their light artwork will be displayed on the main route at the outside of the Steentjeskerk. To this day, Foederer stimulates upcoming talents in the field of art, design and technology to help them achieve their ambitions. 

The 2019 nominees:

  • Bas Peeters
  • Lotte van den Broek
  • Toon Rooijmans & Noortje van den Eijnde
  • Tineke Beunders & Nathan Wierink
  • Ricky van Broekhoven
  • Studio Krom
  • Nando Dolleman
  • Teun Verkerk & Erik de Wild & Patty Jansen



The nominees of Foederer Talent Award 2019, wil pitch their light concept, on the basis of:

  • The GLOW 2019 theme 'Living Colors'
  • The assignment (only handed out to the nominees)
  • The interior of the Steentjeskerk as decorum and it’s 100th year anniversary
  • A fixed realisation budget

On September 3rd 2019 the nominees will not only pitch their concepts, but also the winner will be announced that day. He or she receives an artist fee and will carry out his/her concept guided by the organisation. The Steentjeskerk is included in the main route of GLOW Eindhoven 2019. 

Foederer Talent Award