It’s starting to become a tradition. The closing ceremony of light art festival GLOW with the GLOW Run. The fourth edition of this unique fun run will take place on the 17th of November. The run will cover the same route as GLOW. That’s 6 kilometres of running past GLOW’s works of art. Or as the organisation likes to call it: “Running in the most beautiful setting in the world”.

Light art festival GLOW will end with GLOW Run Eindhoven on the final night. Saturday night, November 17th, approximately 2.500 contenders will cover the 6 kilometre route. The setting? GLOW’s unique collection of light art. Not only the entourage is spectacular, but the participants themselves are challenged being part of the art on the route.

Fun Run

The organisation follows the trend where runners experience their sport on a whole new level. Therefore the GLOW Run classifies as a ‘fun run’ and won’t have any form of timekeeping. But all participants will receive a start number nonetheless. It’s all about the experience and the setting of the run. Starting time is 23,00 hrs. The distance of the run is 6 km and accessible for everyone. The route is unique and can’t be found anywhere in the Netherlands, or the world.

Would like to participate and run across the most beautiful scenery in the world? Check out the GLOWRun website for additional info and ticketsale.