Permanent light artworks

Live all year long

Live all year long

Today, GLOW also surprises, connects and inspires renewal throughout the year. Light artworks that reflect the legacy of GLOW will remain visible in the city beyond the original date of the light art festival. Scattered throughout the city centre you’ll find unique light artworks which tell a story about (the history) of the location. Accessible for everyone to enjoy!

Philips Museum
Since September 2018, the light artwork 'Private Light' by Titia Ex is visible on the chimnee of the Philips Museum. The artwork was first shown at GLOW2016. Between the skyscrapers, the light bulb captures everyones attention. 

Central Station Eindhoven
SPACE, created by Daan Roosegaarde, is a 90 meters long wall artwork which creates a new dimension of light and space at Eindhoven Central Station by using 3D lenses. It was revealed in Oktober 2017.  SPACE shows the impact of light on our planet and creates a place of wonder. Supported by ProRail and the Municipality of Eindhoven, the work of art is created in collaboration with Heijmans and Arcadis.

Nieuwe Emmasingel
GLOW2017 - Don't break the sound barrier is an installation created by Ellen de Vries in cooperation with LUX Lab. An interactive LED grid only reacts to the sounds in its immediate vicinity during the GLOW festival period. After GLOW, the light artwork 'Don't break the sound barrier' can also be admired as a light installation.


Live all year long

Live all year long

TU/e site, Stationsplein, Markt
During GLOW 2016, supported by the University of Technology Eindhoven light artist Har Hollands created a light design for the chimney at the TU/e site: ‘AnTUenna’. During the same edition, the permanent light artwork by Eindhoven light artist Ivo Schoofs was revealed at Stationsplein : ‘Just because you are a character, doesn’t mean you have character’. Additionally, designer Tessa Koot designed a light artwork at Markt called Kei-Like EHV, inspired by the theme year ’25 years Dutch Design’. Her work of art consists of two lampposts in the shape of a heat, right at the very heart of the city centre.

Shopping Centre HEUVEL Eindhoven
Supported by GLOW and shopping centre HEUVEL Eindhoven, Har Hollands designed ‘Dome of Light’. This work of art, consisting of 121 illuminating tubes in a light dome, is reprogrammed with new light and music on a regular basis.

GLOW2011 - artist group Afterlight created a 3D projection of moving graffiti on a wall in an alley at Stratumseind: ‘Interstices in a Synaptic Space’. It was on display for over six years but was hardly visible for the public. Therefore once again it was brought to the attention of the public in 2015.

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