In collaboration with Dirk van Poppel, GLOW offers a virtual mini GLOW edition. A 3D environment where the visitor looks back on three iconic works from previous editions by the makers Dirk van Poppel, Jan Fabel and Erwin Steijlen.

The online environment is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The option to view the virtual artwork with VR glasses gives an extra dimension to the work, but the project can certainly also be viewed without VR glasses! Click on the button below to start the virtual tour, or read more about the light artworks first!


Blob the Bulb (2017)
The development of LED lamps has caused a true revolution in the lighting industry. The light bulb no longer has eternal life and fades into the background faster and faster. At GLOW 2017 Dirk van Poppel, Jan Fabel and Erwin Steijlen paid tribute to this form of light that has now almost disappeared.

The Blob is one of Eindhoven's newer iconic buildings; an organically formed structure of glass and steel. Just like during GLOW 2017, a new light shines on the Blob in the online environment in the form of a projection, which gives shape and meaning to the old, original source of light.

Tower of Light (2018)
The 'Lichttoren' translated as 'Tower of light' is a beacon of indestructible concrete and iconic industrial heritage of Eindhoven. The Lichttoren is a national monument. Continuous lifetime tests with incandescent lamps took place here. The building was later used as the headquarters of the lighting division. Dirk van Poppel, Jan Fabel and Erwin Steijlen brought together music, light and shadow on this tower during GLOW 2018 and built a magical illusion that reflects this heritage.

One moment the Lichttoren appears as light as a feather, later it is important and almost majestic again. A fascinating ode to what shadow and light can bring about. Recalling old glory and giving up visions of the future.

Color Symphony (2019)
Jan Fabel, Dirk van Poppel and Erwin Steijlen returned during GLOW 2019 and once again tackled an Eindhoven icon: De Witte Dame. Where since 1931 light was experimented with.

'Color Symphony' is a light work of art that transforms this building into an impressive composition with light, color, movement and music.