Follow the process

Follow the process

Come and Grow
5 November 2019

Come and Grow

GLOWlabs to experience -
part of the light art festival GLOW

Take a look behind the scenes at the creation of the light artwork Come and Grow that will be presented on the route during GLOW.

28 October 2019 – Presentation Come and GROW

The students’ final decisions were presented to the curators: dr. Lisette Rops as initiator of the project LichtCafé for the GGZE and Ronald Rademakers, director GLOW. 

3 October 2019 I GLOWlab 5 – Braindump

Each student was allowed to share 2 ideas for GLOW. Based on these ideas the tutor and GLOW gave a GO for the creation of a total of 6 concepts. 

June-September 2019 | GLOWlab 4 – Further development of Come and Grow

The idea Come and Grow was developed further to the level of a concept. This was discussed a number of times with GGzE and GLOW. Ultimately the concept was improved in various points. In cooperation with JB inflatables the new 8-metre-high prototype was created for GLOW2019.

23 May 2019 | GLOWlab 3 - Come and Grow + Portie Licht

The participants presented their ideas to the jury comprising GGzE and GLOW. The Lightlab produced 5 good ideas, that the jury would have liked all to have been realised. Two ideas were selected for GLOW 2019: Come and Grow – George Barratt-Jones
Portie Licht – St. Lucas students

7 May 2019 | GLOWlab 2 – First ideas

During a pressure-cooker session the first ideas were generated by various groups. Producing a total of five worthwhile ideas. Some ideas complimented each other.

9 April 2019 | GLOWlab 1 - The key question

During this session with a student from the Design Academy, a supervisor from SintLucas, Ellen de Vries from Het Luxlab, psychiatrists from GGzE and Municipality of Eindhoven employees the key question was defined: how can we create awareness that light is good for your health: basic nutrient. And a layer deeper: light as part of your lifestyle to prevent depression or to recover from it more rapidly. A framework was determined that the ideas had to take into account.

March 2019 | GLOWlab 0 - theme Light Therapy

Light therapy has an amazingly positive effect on people with winter depression.  Around 3% of the population suffers from a winter depression and 10% from winter blues.  70% to 90% often felt better after 1 week of light therapy. Also in the case of ‘common’ depression light can have a healing effect. People recover more rapidly and feel better. Apart from light, a healthy lifestyle influences our physical and spiritual health. The LichtCafé is populated with experts with knowledge of healthy lifestyles. And you can get started immediately.

What is the effect of light therapy?

Everyone has an internal clock that steers substances in your body that set the correct rhythm. If your internal clock is keeping good time, you feel good. Light therapy is the strongest source for resetting your internal clock. Despite the healing effect of light, we only use it to a very limited extent. GGzE wants to make this more accessible and give it more publicity. In October 2019 they opened LichtCafés in two locations, one being in Grand Café Het Ketelhuis on the De Grote Beek estate in Eindhoven.


Lisette Rops, Wanda Kruijt, Lotte van Hout (GGzE), Rik van Stiphout (Municipality of Eindhoven), Ellen de Vries (Luxlab), George Barratt-Jones (Design Academy), Pieter van Klaveren (SintLucas), Teun Vonk (Studio Tony Spark), Jan Denneman (The Good Light Group) & GLOW Eindhoven (Sabine Swinkels/Rethinking Group, Rian Dings/IguanaFM, Mariëtte Vetter en Ronald Ramakers).