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Follow the process

Ripples in the water
5 November 2019

Ripples in the water

GLOWlab to experience – part of GLOW

What if robots could be creative and human? This was the central question in the GLOWlab comprising a collaboration between students of Creative Technology from SintLucas, Smart Robot Solutions and GLOW Eindhoven. Following multiple sessions and ideas, ‘Ripples in the Water’ was unanimously chosen as the light project for GLOW2019.

September and October 2019 I GLOWlab 3 - Prototype

The idea: “Ripples in the Water” has been developed from a small prototype to become a definitive light creation in the HEUVEL. Smart Robot Solutions has fleshed out the script with flowing robot movements with one line art. Another student made the music.

5 September 2019 I GLOWlab 2 - Presentation of ideas

Lars presented his best ideas to the GLOW jury. The jury comprised Rik van Stiphout (Municipality of Eindhoven) and Ronald Ramakers (Director GLOW). Two ideas were selected and presented to the GLOW 2019 jury. These were subsequently assessed by the GLOW jury:
- Liquid Painting with robots
- Ripples in the water

‘Ripples in the Water’ was chosen unanimously.

July-August 2019 I GLOWlab 1 – Pressure cooker session

The ideas were generated in pressure cooker sessions. Lars then developed several ideas. Six ideas were explained in detail. These were discussed and fine-tuned. A selection of the best two proposals was made within the project group, these were presented to the GLOW jury.

June 2019 I GLOWlab 0 - Discover

Student Lars Pubben from SintLucas and Richard Kuijpers from Smart Robot Solutions underwent a discover session. The possibilities for light and robots were considered. Lars’ fascination with light moved him to explore light applications with robots to arrive at a creative human light experience.


Lars Pubben (SintLucas), Pieter van Klaveren (SintLucas), Richard Kuijpers (Smart Robot Solutions), Johan van Velthuizen (Smart Robot Solutions), Students (SintLucas),  Rik van Stiphout (Municipality of Eindhoven), (Sabine Swinkels/Rethinking Group, Rian Dings/IguanaFM and Ronald Ramakers).