Eindhoven light art festival starts on Saturday 9 November
8 November 2019


Just 1 more night to go and the blaze of colour that is GLOW 2019 will be unleashed. The highlights this year? An extra-terrestrial light show, a homage to Van Gogh and unique collaborations in the Smalle Haven area.


Valerie van Zuijlen, the winner of the Foederer Talent Award 2019, has an exceptional spot on the GLOW route, in the 100-year-old Steentjeskerk. Her project Moonlight is an extra-terrestrial light show based on musical communication between planet earth and the moon.

Fifty years after the first moon landing Valerie renews contact with the moon. In "moon bounce" signals from a radio telescope in Dwingeloo are sent to the moon. These rebound to the earth and in the Steentjeskerk they are brought to life in colour, light and sound. Completely in Living Colors, with music inspired by the melody from ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ (Steven Spielberg, 1977). A spectacle that brings the surface of the moon to life.

Sunflowers for Van Gogh

In the light art work by Hugo Vrijdag the world-famous paintings by Vincent van Gogh are brought to life. He created his works ‘The sunflowers’ in Arles, in the South of France, in 1888 and 1889. In total Van Gogh painted five large canvasses of sunflowers in a vase, with only three shades of yellow. The project on the Lichtplein came about quite uniquely: it is a collaboration between Hugo Vrijdag, the Qinhuai light festival in Nanjing under the auspices of Gu Yeliang, the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, Van Gogh Brabant and ASML.

Towering sunflowers, metres high, play the leading role in Sunflowers for Van Gogh. In reference to how Van Gogh often described his Sunflowers as lanterns, illuminated sunflowers have been made from paper using traditional Chinese techniques. The Lichtplein in Eindhoven is transformed by the yellow light and the play of shadows from the flowers into French countryside with the corresponding sound of crickets and birds. As though you were standing in the field where the flowers once grew that Vincent himself plucked.

Hidden gems - Smalle Haven

For many years the Smalle Haven was a hidden area in Eindhoven, but over the last few years the area has been put on the map as a hot spot. During GLOW there are multiple art works to admire that originated in GLOWlabs: creative sessions in which companies, artists, technicians, designers, institutions and residents worked together on a certain theme to create an innovative light art work. The idea is to have as many projects as possible made in Eindhoven.

Ruthless Innovating Planet gets you thinking about the consequences of prosperity and the growing overconsumption of energy by our economy. What is it doing to our planet? The project is a collaboration between Fontys Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics Students. Come and Grow, by the Eindhoven designer George Barratt-Jones and GGZ Eindhoven, makes you aware of the influence of light on your mental and physical health. An eight-metre-tall plant symbolises the healing effect of light, and grows as GLOW visitors work together. Around the corner from the Smalle Haven stands the art work Floral Flow, inspired by climate change and the restoration of our eco system. With a positive and interactive spin, Fontys students from the Be Creative minor call on our attention for blossoming plants.

Light show NOVITER

The GLOW special has been a big favourite with visitors for many years. This year growing lamps in the Philips Stadion will be used for more than just caring for the grass: they will let the field shine during the light show. TWOFIFTYK, also responsible for the Armin van Buuren productions, have remixed a classic composition especially for GLOW 2019. Tickets are for sale online (5 euro) and at the door (7,50 euro).


For many years, photography has been extremely popular at GLOW. No fewer than 19,000 entries were submitted for the photo competition in 2018. This year the competition for amateur and professional photographers is back, with the theme Living Colors. Everyone can take part via Instagram, as long as you use the hashtag #glowphoto19 and the tag @Gloweindhoven. The winner will get a VIP dinner for 2 at Dinner in Motion and an honorable mention on the GLOW Instagram feed.