‘Bilder und Klänge erzählen Geschichten...’ Stefan Keim, culture journalist.

GLOWING is an urban light and sound installation that plays with all the senses. The festival route leads through the Expeditiestraat and in doing so through an urban-industrial layout of streets. Both the special atmosphere and the architectural character of the Expeditiestraat, divided into three by the crossbeams, defines the spatial appearance of the scene.

The sun, as the origin of life. Fire, as the source of warmth and culture. These two-strong emotional and associative basic principles form the conceptual approach for this production. The public become one with the entire scene in this spectacle, that stirs all the senses and provides a physical explanation of art and nature. The audience transverse a kind of tunnel, one side of which is covered with black molton, and provides a view of a fiery scene. All the walls form a kind of sea of flames. This fire has no beginning and no end, solely infinitely glowing flames, acoustically supported by music with subsonic effects.

Forum Interart
The German company ‘Forum Interart’ is led by director Wolfram Lenssen.

Forum Interart

The German Forum Interart is situated in Dortmund and is led by master-director Wolfram Lenssen. In Germany and abroad, Forum Interart has created spectacular staging of people, landscapes, architecture and entire cities. Using the latest developments and in cooperation with international top talents such as musicians, artists, writers, actors, light and video artists, sensual performances appear.


Video compilation of works of art by Forum Interart.

photo: Bart van Overbeeke Fotografie