5. Shine like the whole universe is yours

‘Shine like the Whole Universe is Yours’ - Rumi

‘Shine like the Whole Universe is Yours’ is the name of a verse by Rumi (1207 – 1273), a Persian poet, mystic and philosopher.  You can be who you are and show what you believe. The Fatih Mosque shows that you can be yourself in many different ways. Sometimes subdued and sometimes extravagant. Sometimes the interior is highlighted and the building seems smaller, and sometimes the building takes pride of place in all its glory. ‘Shine like the Whole Universe is Yours’.

This work of art is partly sponsored by the Fatih Mosque.

Ellen de Vries/ The Lux Lab
Concept and light design: Ellen de Vries/Het Lux Lab Visuals: Berry Sanders Music composition: Thijs Lodewijk Realisation: LivingProjects

Ellen de Vries/ The Lux Lab

At a young age, Ellen de Vries became inspired by the phenomenon of light. She began as a light designer for theatre- and video productions, but started to work for Philips Lighting after a period of experimental design.

Here, the passion for the poetry of lighting and the technical aspect of lighting come together. From here on, she developed a personal approach in which light is used as a design tool to transform spaces and make them more pleasant for us human beings. Needless to say, conditions such as sustainability and being familiar with guidelines are taken into account.

In 2004, Ellen founded ‘The Lux Lab’, which focuses on a light-centered approach. With ‘The Lux Lab’, Ellen de Vries has created four different light master plans for cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Almere, Breda, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Middelburg.

Furthermore, she develops and creates concepts for temporary projects such as during the Dutch Design Week and GLOW. These concepts are often the basis of a scientific research. The outcome of this research can be used as a start for new ideas.

photo: Bart van Overbeeke Fotografie